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Scholarship Recipients

At Butterfield, we are committed to supporting and investing in the communities we serve. Our annual scholarships provide financial assistance to students with provide academic achievements and leadership abilities. We are delighted to assist our scholars in their pursuit of higher education and excited to follow their career progress. 

Congratulations and good luck to our 2020 recipients. 

The Butterfield Postgraduate Scholarship is available to students in all ten Butterfield jurisdictions around the world who are studying disciplines related to the preservation and improvement of island environments at accredited institutions. The award has an annual value of $25,000, tenable for up to four years. 

The 2020 recipient, Bermudian Chanah Bremar, is enrolled in the sustainable energy MSc programme at the University of Glasgow. Her goal is to expand her knowledge of sustainable energy systems and prepare to apply her engineering skills to a career in Bermuda’s energy industry. Chanah is already a Butterfield scholar having received the Sir Harry D. Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship in 2018 to assist her in completing a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Mercer University in Alabama. Chanah said, “I’m pleased that Bermuda is taking steps towards a sustainable future, still there is more to be done. I intend to assist in the creation of clean energy as well as the reduction on non-renewable energy and help usher in a more sustainable future for the Island.” 

The Sir Harry D. Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to a Bermudian student commencing, or already pursuing, a degree overseas at an accredited university. This Scholarship has been offered every year since 1978 in honour of Butterfield’s late Chairman, former Rhodes Scholar, Sir Harry D. Butterfield, whose distinguished career in public and business life was dedicated to the betterment of Bermuda and Bermudians. The award has an annual value of $25,000, tenable for up to four years. 

The 2020 recipient, Jaiden Furbert-Jacobs, will commence his undergraduate degree in actuarial science at Penn State University in September. With a passion for mathematics and its analytical and problem-solving qualities, Jaiden is keen to pursue a career in his favoured subject and become an expert in the actuarial field. In addition to his academic achievements, Jaiden participates in numerous extracurricular activities; he’s a determined track and field athlete, serves as a student youth leader at his church and as head boy at Berkeley Institute. He plays an active role in the Future Leaders of Bermuda organisation and serves as a student mentor at his alma mater, West Pembroke Primary School. Jaiden said, “I have learnt that in order to see dreams come to fruition, we must conquer our fears and invest in ourselves and our minds. Success is always earned, never given.” 

The Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship is available to a Caymanian student, aged 17 to 25, commencing or already pursuing any course of study that will benefit the Cayman Islands. This scholarship has been offered annually since 1993 and was established in celebration of Butterfield’s 25th anniversary in the Islands. The award has a value of up to US$30,000 per year, tenable for up to four years. 

The 2020 recipient, Fenna Madison, is a graduate of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at United World College ISAK Japan. She will begin her studies in biochemistry at the University of Sheffield in September 2020. Fenna recently completed a project to construct an artificial coral reef in the Philippines and looks forward to working on such initiatives locally when she returns home to Cayman. Fenna said, “I have chosen to study biochemistry because I believe it is going to provide solutions to some of the major problems currently facing the world; I want to make an impact and be involved in creating long-term solutions.” 

The Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship for Employees’ Children is awarded to a child of a Butterfield employee who is commencing or already pursuing a degree at an accredited institution. One scholarship is awarded in each of three regions: Atlantic, comprising Bermuda and Canada; Caribbean, comprising the Cayman Islands and The Bahamas; and European for Guernsey, Jersey, UK, Switzerland, Mauritius and Singapore. Each of the awards has an annual value of $25,000, tenable for up to four years. 

This year’s Atlantic Undergraduate Scholarship for Butterfield Employees’ Children is awarded to Bermudian student Ryan Grant. Ryan is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance at the University of Miami. A graduate of Montverde Academy in Florida and Warwick Academy, Ryan’s academic achievements were recognised with Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude honours. He is an accomplished track and field athlete and has represented Bermuda overseas in basketball tournaments. Ryan said, “Our country needs Bermudian graduates returning to the Island, who will help ensure that Bermuda remains a globally recognised financial centre. I hope to be a valuable asset by contributing my business knowledge and passion for excellence.” 

This year’s Caribbean Undergraduate Scholarship for Butterfield Employees’ Children is awarded to Caymanian student Jamaar Frederick. Jamaar recently obtained his associate’s degree in Business Administration from the University College of the Cayman Islands. In September, he will commence his studies in banking and finance at the University of Essex. Jamaar said, “I have always had an interest in finance and the role it plays in society. I look forward to completing my course, enhancing my knowledge and skills and pursuing a successful career in the financial industry.” Jamaar is an accomplished footballer having played the game since the age of three. He is a current member of the Elite Sports Club, which currently plays in the Cayman Islands' Premier League. 

This year’s European Undergraduate Scholarship for Butterfield Employees’ Children is awarded to Kathryn Halliday. Kathryn, from Guernsey in the Channel Island, is studying medicine at the University of Liverpool with the aim of becoming a doctor. Kathryn is fascinated by how the human body works and how to solve the issues it presents when it malfunctions. Kathryn said, “When someone is sick or injured, their normal way of life is disrupted and doctors have the incredible opportunity to restore these people’s lives to normality, which I would love to be able to do.” Outside of her studies, Kathryn is a keen hockey player and represents her University Medical School. She also enjoys volunteering at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. ​​




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