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Meroe Park

Retired Executive Director, United States Central Intelligence Agency

Ms. Park joined the Board of Directors in October 2017. Currently, Ms. Park serves as Executive Vice President at the Partnership for Public Service.  She was was most recently the Executive Director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (the “CIA”), serving as the Agency’s chief operating officer in its most senior career post. Prior to her retirement in June 2017, Ms. Park was a 27-year career intelligence officer and one of the US Government’s leading professionals. She held increasingly senior positions at the CIA, including Chief of Human Resources and a Senior Mission Support Officer for locations in Eurasia and Western Europe. Ms. Park successfully led key strategic initiatives, including the modernisation of the CIA’s technology systems and organisational structure, and the implementation of talent initiatives focused on workforce development and inclusion. Ms. Park also serves on the Advisory Board for Chart National Management and on the Board of Managers of Sequoia Solutions LLC, a company that has developed a commercial cloud product for the US government's classified cloud regions.  Ms. Park has earned a number of awards during her career, and has twice been the recipient of the Presidential Rank Award, the Executive Branch’s highest honour for government career professionals. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University, where she is also a Distinguished Executive In Residence.





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